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What is Contemporary Minimalist Style?


Minimalist |Picture Light

It's more of a trend than a style. Trends in contemporary style are constantly changing. For instance, brushed nickel and stainless steel were popular until recently, so the current trend is towards brass and gold finishes, which are considered very modern.

Furthermore, a clean style is central to contemporary design. It all comes down to designing a piece that is stylish, without being overly ornate.


Minimalist |Picture Light

Minimalism never really goes out of style. Though fresh interpretations of the maxim "less is more" seem to emerge every few years, minimalism is a timeless style in the world of design, not a fad. Particularly appealing about minimalist living rooms is how much space there is for clutter. A minimalist living room arrangement is peaceful, uncluttered, and soothing. It's interesting to note, though, that designers frequently emphasize the features of minimalist living rooms rather than their drawbacks.

"Minimalist decor focuses on simplicity, often centered around a neutral or monochromatic color palette, with carefully chosen accents of color, texture, and pattern," explains Angela Hamwey, an interior designer from the studio Mackenzie & Co, located in Sandwich, Massachusetts. "The design should be intentional and visually appealing, focusing on functional furniture and essential elements."

Use Lighting as Decor

Minimalist |Picture Light

Choosing artwork with light can be daunting,like wall light,picture light,so let your living room's essential pieces serve as decor instead.use space creates visual interest just as effectively.

Curate Your Art

Minimalist |Picture Light

Carolyn Miller gave a minimalist farmhouse a makeover that shows the power of styling with restraint. The pared-down background serves with picture light as the perfect canvas for the clients' art collection.

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