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7 Useful Tips to Make LED Light Fixtures and Bulbs Really Last Longer

When you first bought this really cool art lighting, the run time quickly dropped to less than a few hours, or even 30 minutes, after a few weeks. So, that will make you think about wasting your money on this.

LED lighting is expected to last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours, as stated by various manufacturers. This equates to approximately 17 years at 8 hours per day. This is approximately five times longer than compact fluorescents and thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs. Since accelerated wear testing is conducted only at the component level and is not an exact science, the estimate provided by the manufacturers is actually more of an approximation than at the system or luminaire level.
We sometimes assume that claims of 50,000 hours of operation are simply wishful thinking, especially when they come from less expensive suppliers. However, since these powerful LED lights haven't been on the market for 20 years, it's difficult to confirm or refute them. Several factors can significantly reduce the lifespan of an LED globe.

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Tip1: Choose high-quality LED bulbs

Investing in premium LED bulbs is the initial step in enhancing longevity. The Blub of Picture light from our SEEDIQ brand has undergone extensive testing and certification procedures. In general, these bulbs perform better and last longer than their cheaper alternatives.

1.Greater longevity
2.Improved outcomes

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Tip2:Avoid exceeding the recommended wattage

Using LED bulbs in art deco light fixtures with higher wattage than recommended is a common mistake. This may cause the bulb to overheat and eventually shorten its lifespan. To prevent premature failure, always ensure that the wattage of your LED bulbs matches the requirements of the Artwork fixture.

Key Takeaway: To prevent overheating and extend the lifespan of your LED bulbs, adhere to the recommended wattage.

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Tip3:Use dimmer switches that are compatible with LED lights.

It is essential to use dimmer switches specifically designed for LED light bulb art if you intend to dim your LED bulbs. Dimmer switches that are compatible with LEDs not only provide smooth dimming capabilities but also protect light bulbs from buzzing and flickering, which can lead to internal component damage.

Key Takeaway: To ensure optimal dimming performance and protect your LED bulbs from damage, use dimmers that are compatible with LEDs.

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Tip4:Do not disregard the need for adequate ventilation.

Enhancing the durability of LED bulbs also requires proper ventilation. Heat generated by LED bulbs can build up and cause damage if there is inadequate ventilation. LED bulbs should not be covered with materials that restrict airflow or enclosed in small spaces. Instead, ensure that there is adequate ventilation to prevent heat issues and keep the bulbs cool.

1.Prevents overheating
2.Reduces the likelihood of premature failure

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Tip5:Do: Keep moisture away from LED bulbs

The performance and lifespan of LED bulbs can be significantly affected by moisture and high humidity. Avoid installing them in damp areas such as bathrooms or outdoor spaces without adequate waterproofing. Moisture entering the bulb's internal components can cause electrical short circuits and irreversible damage. To ensure optimal bulb performance, ensure that the surrounding area is dry.

Key Takeaway: To prevent potential damage and ensure extended durability, protect your LED bulbs from excessive moisture.

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Tip6:Do not ignore routine cleaning.

An often overlooked maintenance task for LED bulbs is regular cleaning. Debris can accumulate on the surface, reducing the effectiveness of the light output. A soft brush or a microfiber cloth can be used to gently wipe the bulb or PictureLight of shade to maintain its optimal performance and prevent any light blockage.

Key Takeaway: To maintain the brightness of your LED bulbs and prevent performance degradation due to the accumulation of dust and dirt, it is important to clean them regularly.

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Tip7:Do: Consider using voltage stabilizers

The lifespan of LED bulbs could be significantly compromised by fluctuations in voltage. Opting for surge protectors or voltage stabilizers can help regulate the voltage supply and protect the lightbulbs from sudden drops or spikes. By acting as a buffer and ensuring a consistent power supply, these devices reduce the risk of damage or premature failure.

1.prevents voltage fluctuations
2.lengthens the life of lamps
3.reduces the possibility of injury

By following these essential do's and don'ts, you can significantly increase the durability and lifespan of your LED bulbs. Choosing quality bulbs, using compatible dimmers, and maintaining proper ventilation are crucial steps. Avoiding moisture exposure is also crucial. Regular cleaning and considering voltage stabilizers are also important. They ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Choosing our SEEDIQ brand LED bulbs for Picture Lighting is not just about energy efficiency. It's also a long-term commitment to sustainable lighting. By adopting these practices, you can save money. Plus, you'll contribute to reducing electronic waste and minimizing your carbon footprint.

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